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Canon HR EOS

The R5 is built around a 45-megapixel sensor with a native ISO range of 100-51,200. The headline feature is that it can record uncropped 8K RAW video at 29.97 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit color, as well as uncropped 4K DCI at 59.94 fps, representing a major upgrade on the limited video capabilities of previous EOS R models. Canon says the R5 can shoot continuously at 8K for around 20 minutes at room temperature

Drone with camera

Drones With Camera Hd 500000 Pixels App Handle Control 120m Rc Helicopter Quadcopter Selfie Drone dron GPS Profissional Flying

LED bulkhead

π 50.00
  • This light is for security light. It is mounted at the fence of the house or outside the building

Reflector lamp

π 10.00
This light is for security fence light. It can be installed around the building wall outside or at the fence inside or outside the compound

Wall bracket

π 10.00
This Wall bracket are put in the sitting room and you can also choose to put it in your bedroom too

Wall bracket (half moon)

π 10.30
  1. Wall bracket (half Moon)for sitting room or bed room wall light